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CaramelpaloozaHoney? Ginger? Bacon? What kind of caramel popcorn would you like us to make during our 1st annual Caramelpalooza? Learn more about this awesome event: Caramelpalooza

Not Fantasy, Reality

Not Fantasy, RealityChocolate Fest is coming. February 4th through Valentine's Day. You don't want to miss any of our delicious, addicting flavors. It's not a fantasy, its real. And with 8 new flavors of delicious gourmet popcorn drizzled in chocolate, you are sure to walk away happy.

Great Life In Lansing

Great Life In LansingLansing deserves the great things that all big cities have. We are great people, hardworking and grind every single day to make things happen. We've got a great creative culture that works hard. 

Be sure to support small businesses. They are the backbone of the community, I know that is a cliche but it is true. Old Town especially has great small businesses. 

Kickoff The Fun With Party Bags

Kickoff The Fun With Party BagsJust in time for the Super Bowl is our mixed party bag special. What do you get? You get a bag full of fun. A giant party size bag of popcorn at 25 percent off. Party sized bags, often referred to as "Jumbo" bags, are filled with five gallons (80 cups) of fresh gourmet popcorn. You will get a mixed bag of our traditional popcorn flavors.

Popcorn Tin Refill Club

Popcorn Tin Refill ClubDid you know that you can get a lower refill price if you buy refills in bulk? Well, it's true. We have a special price for popcorn tin refills. If you been to Cravings Gourmet Popcorn and purchased one of our one gallon, two gallon or three and a half gallon popcorn tins, you can refill your popcorn tin for a discounted price.

Movie Popcorn Happy Hour

Movie Popcorn Happy Hour After a long day of work, all you want to do with reward yourself with a warm crunchy bag of delicious movie theater style popcorn. Don't you deserve to be happy? Treat yourself with a simple snack that always makes you happy. Just think, you'll be able to relax watch your show and crunch on delicious fresh popcorn.

Red Box Deal Box

Red Box Deal BoxThere is a coupon for a free bag in January, February and March. Not only that, you can also refill the box anytime you want, as many times as you want for the awesome price of 4 bags for $20. So never get rid of the box because the deals won't stop there. The box has value and the best deals of 2015 will be in the box.

New Flavor: Spicy Taco

New Flavor: Spicy Taco

If you like the taste of world-famous Doritos, then it's likely you will fall in love with our spicy taco gourmet popcorn. Inspired by the famous chip. We have created gourmet popcorn that is spicy, cheesy and addicting. 

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