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Kernel Season's Shake on Popcorn Seasoning



There is no such thing as too much butter, and this creamy, rich, buttery flavored salt is the perfect shake on to top off any movie night.

Nacho Cheddar

 This nacho cheddar seasoning is the perfect blend of spice, zest, and real cheddar cheese to make any bowl of popcorn a party with just a single shake of the bottle.

Sour Cream & Onion

You've had the chips, but now its time to try this addicting seasoning on popcorn, YES POPCORN! Use this seasoning to jazz up your favorite popcorn and enjoy as the tangy spices and real buttermilk flavors engulf your taste buds.


You'll love this creamy, real buttermilk ranch flavored seasoning on your popcorn. I mean, come on, its ranch.

Garlic Parmesan

With hints of garlic in a smooth Parmesan base this seasoning is the one for you! It harmonizes the robust flavor of garlic and the savory flavor of Parmesan to bring any bag of popcorn to the next level.

Buffalo Wing

This build-able blend of spice, tang, and buffalo is perfect for any heat lover. Use a little for a kick, or use a lot to completely transform your popcorn into an addicting order of spicy buffalo wings that keeps you coming back for more.

Bacon Cheddar

Everything is better with bacon! This blend of cheesy, sharp cheddar and smokey, savory bacon is enough to turn any movie night into a full.

Dill Pickle

Dial up the dill. Like the pickles you love,our Dill Pickle Seasoning combines real dill with the tanginess of vinegar for a new twist on a classic Flavor.

White Cheddar

White Cheddar is the ninja of flavors. You cant See it on popcorn, but it delivers a big tangy, real cheese punch