Gourmet Popcorn For Weddings, Open Houses and Parties

popcorn for weddings, special events, parties

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can assist you with you party, wedding and open house popcorn. We have popcorn in sizes from 2.5 cups (swag bag) to 80 cup (jumbo bags). We even have massive bags of movie theater popcorn at very good prices. 

Customize your popcorn with custom labels. We can design a label to add that finished look for your event. Depending on the size of your order, we generally complete most orders in a week. Orders needing custom labels can sometimes take longer.

We take great care in making popcorn that is super fresh. We do not have a giant warehouse full of popcorn from six months ago. We are not a popcorn factory. We are locally made, peanut free, gluten free popcorn.

Call (517) 940-4164 to order. You can also message us on Facebook.

How much do you need? People eat more if they're having fun. Adult beverages and party music will cause party goers to eat more, and kids definitely love popcorn too. If the party is formal and stuffy, you will need less. 

A popcorn bar is simple and gives you the most flexibility. Three to five flavors gives guests a chance to mix their favorite flavors. Most guests will eat 4-8 cups of popcorn, sometimes more if they are drinking alcohol or the party is less formal.

Individual bags are labeled with Cravings labels or you can have customized labels made for your wedding. Guests can eat their treat at the party or take the popcorn home to eat later. Each bag is heat sealed to keep the popcorn fresh.

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