Thanks! Check This Out...

About three years ago, 2013 I think, I went to Mackinac Island for the very first time. It's so hard to believe that I lived in the great state of Michigan all of my life and had never gone to Mackinac Island. Going to the island was like going back in time. Horses and bicycles everywhere. Walking from store to store, no cars and no pollution. And of course I know that I am in a tourist trap, but that does not matter. I was ready to eat fudge and junk food all day long.

But then something happened. I became inspired when I walked into a fudge shop and tasted the most delicious gourmet popcorn. It was crunchy and had a flavor of deep dark molasses. Boom! There it was, what my life had been missing. I immediately took my phone out of my pocket and began creating a recipe inspired by Mackinac Island molasses caramel corn.

The Dark Molasses Caramel with Sea Salt recipe we use today is the same recipe that inspired me many years ago after a trip to Mackinac Island. We use dark molasses and gourmet sea salt to take you back in time. I hope you take a minute to try my favorite caramel popcorn inspired by one of my favorite places in the world.

And next time you are at Mackinac Island, I hope you will think of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn.