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This is not factory made popcorn, Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is real gourmet popcorn. Made in small batches by people that LOVE popcorn.


Sweet Popcorn

ORIGINAL CARAMEL: Smooth caramel made with real butter, rich brown sugar and delicious dark molasses 

HAWAIIAN SALTED CARAMEL: Buttery smooth caramel with a hint of Hawaiian Alaea sea salt

MACKINAC ISLAND CARAMEL: Cracker jack inspired nostalgic dark molasses and sea salt caramel 

PREMIUM SIGNATURE GOLD: Sweet and salty, buttery brown sugar with a hint of vanilla

KETTLE CORN: Sweet and salty, all-American county fair style popcorn


Candied Sweet Popcorn

RAINBOW REMIX: Six fruity flavors remixed with mismatched colors 

IT'S A BIRD... IT'S A PLANE... IT'S...: Inspired by the Superman ice cream (coming soon)

CREAMY VANILLA ROOT BEER FLOAT: Inspired by the 60's style soda counter (coming soon)

(due to popularity, some candied flavors have limited inventory)


Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn

DARK: Dark chocolate drizzled over Original Caramel popcorn

DELUXE: Dark chocolate and white chocolate drizzled over Original Caramel popcorn

SALTED: Dark chocolate, sprinkled with gourmet sea salt drizzled over Original Caramel popcorn

TOASTED COCONUT: Dark chocolate drizzled over coconut Caramel popcorn with toasted coconut flakes in the chocolate


Cheese Popcorn

CHEDDAR: Very cheesy cheddar cheese popcorn

WHITE CHEDDAR: Sharp white cheddar cheese

BUFFALO CHEDDAR: Hot buffalo style cheddar cheese

BBQ WHITE CHEDDAR: Sweet southern style bbq seasoned white cheddar

HOT KANSAS CITY WHITE CHEDDAR: Hot chipotle and complex smoky spiced white cheddar cheese 


Savory Popcorn

DILL PICKLE: Vinegary dill pickle flavor

SEA SALT AND PEPPER: Classic gourmet sea salt and black pepper

PATIO MIX: Savory garlic and Worcestershire spiced popcorn mixed with Original Caramel and Cheddar Cheese (coming April 2019)

TEXAS HEAT AND SWEET: Combination of sweet and heat spices with slight vinegar undertones and heat profile 


Traditional Popcorn

BUTTERY MOVIE STYLE: Classic butter and salt flavored movie popcorn


Sizes and Prices

Need a special order for an event, wedding or party?

 Call (517) 940-4164 (Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm) 



SWAG (2 CUPS) - Perfect for weddings, corporate events and parties (1 person) 

SHORTY (5 CUPS) - Perfect for weddings, corporate events and parties (1 person) 

TALL (8 CUPS) - Most popular size bag (1-2 people) 

BIG (16 CUPS) - Perfect bag for a small group (3-4 people) 

HULK (22 CUPS) - For small gatherings when you need several flavors (5-6 people)

JUMBO (80 CUPS) - $33.00 or less - Perfect bulk size for a popcorn bar or large party

MONSTER BAG BUTTERY MOVIE POPCORN (112 CUPS)  - $15.00 or 2 for $20 - Perfect bulk size for a popcorn bar or large party

Custom labels available for baby showers, weddings, open houses, corporate events and any other occasion


* "Or Less" pricing is based on quantity discounts for special and custom orders only

** Website pricing may not always reflect in-store pricing

*** Some sizes are only available as special or custom orders and may need lead time to fulfill