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Half and Half Popcorn Tins featuring Buttery Movie Popcorn

Original Price $24.95 - Original Price $44.95
Original Price
$24.95 - $44.95
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All of these options feature Buttery Movie Theater popcorn. Each tin is half buttery movie popcorn and half the flavor of your choice.

Create the perfect popcorn gift tin by selecting from our most popular flavors. You can not go wrong, there are no bad choices. Have fun creating the perfect popcorn tin for a friend, neighbor, loved one, or yourself. 

Tin Sizes

Small: 1 Gallons, upright can measures (in inches) 6-11/16 dia. X 7-1/4 (height)

Medium: 2 Gallons, tapered can measures (in inches) 10-1/4 (top) X 9-1/8 (bottom) X 7-1/2 (height)

Large: 3.5 Gallons, tapered can measures (in inches) 10-1/4 (top) X 9-1/8 (bottom) X 11-1/4 (height)

Flavors Are Divided

If you select two or more flavors, they will be divided inside the tin with a laminated paper divider. 

Two flavors will be divided into halves, and three flavors will be divided into thirds.


All tins are sealed after being filled. Tins generally last longer than bags of popcorn. Sometimes popcorn can last up to 90 days in a tin, but results vary based on your environment, weather conditions, and how often you open it.



Most popcorn tins during the holidays will feature our primary logo. Some popcorn tins will feature our "Santa Hat" logo. This holiday season, we will occasionally feature an "Ugly Sweater" logo and a "Yeti" logo.