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Welcome TikTok Live Viewers - Free Mystery Flavor with Popcorn Order
Welcome TikTok Live Viewers - Free Mystery Flavor with Popcorn Order
Games, popcorn, candy and fun at Cravings Popcorn in Lansing, Michigan

The Best of Our Favorites vol. 2

Aren't we all just trying to have fun and enjoy life?

We think so. Life is too short. So maybe you can't go to the beach on a Monday. But what if you can create a half-hour oasis of fun in the evening? Sometime we fall into the same routine of binge-watching the same old shows.

It's time to break the cycle. Try something new for yourself. Create a game night or just some time to tune out the television and reconnect with yourself. 

Let's gooooo!

But first, did you know we launched a new fundraising website that only sells Michigan made products to Michigan groups and non-profits?

Try these games

Ramen Fury  | The use-your-noodle card game! Rush to prepare and slurp up delicious bowls of ramen filled with tasty ingredients. Collect combos of cards to score for different recipes while adding garnishes to boost your points. At the same time, watch out as other players throw spicy chili peppers your way or swipe foods right from your bowls. It's "take that" fun that will have you calling for takeout!
Marvel Spot It! Game  | This new version of Spot It! combines different characters from Marvel comics with one of the most emblematic family games. Players try to spot the single matching symbol between two cards in a playful battle of speedy observation. Featuring some of the most iconic Marvel Super Heroes: Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow!
Trash Talk  | Leave your moral compass at the door and find out what your friends think of you with this outrageous game that’ll get you naming and shaming!

Players take turns to read out a card with a “Most likely to” or “Least likely to” scenario, then vote on which player they think best fits that description.

Who will prove to be the trashiest of you all? Perfect for hours of fun with good friends!

Popcorn that's addictive

Mackinac Island Caramel | Inspired by the old fashion atmosphere of Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan. The most premium flavor of all caramel popcorn flavors. Timeless dark molasses caramel infused with gourmet sea salt. Modern nostalgic crunchiness. 
Half and Half Tin | Sometimes simple is better. Simple can be delicious and fun. Everyone loves Buttery Movie Theater popcorn. it's simple, delicious, and fun to eat. Original Caramel is a buttery vanilla caramel popcorn with lots of flavor.

An American classic, it's a great combination and fun for everyone!

Popular sweet treats

Insanely Sour Rainbow Belts  | Zweet Unicorn Kiss Belts trays are packed with fruity flavor and a sweet and sour punch. These chewy belts are a fun treat for everyone!
Blue Raspberry Sour Power Straws  | It's time to pucker up! The perfect balance of sweet and sour. Chewy candy will leave your taste buds tingling.

Subscribers always get a discount. Be sure to subscribe. 

The BEST of our FAVS this week is posted every week on Monday by Cravings Gourmet Popcorn. We help you connect with life in fun meaningful ways.  

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