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Seasonal Popcorn and Treats Lead to Happy Holidays at Cravings Popcorn

Springtime is here, and warm weather is just around the corner. Along with sunshine and flowers to brighten your day, Easter and Mother’s Day are approaching, too. 

If you want a fun and unique way to make your loved ones smile, then look no further than the tasty seasonal popcorn and candy selection here at Cravings. 

While we recommend you browse all of the products in our Seasonal Popcorn and Treats inventory, we understand that it can be hard to choose. That’s why we’re here to help with these top suggestions.

Fill Easter Baskets With Fun

Marshmallow Lemon Cake Popcorn | For brightly-colored popcorn with an addictingly sweet lemon cupcake twist, look no further than this seasonal specialty.

Cravings Popcorn Marshmallow Lemon Cake

Happy Easter Candy Corn | With a holiday twist on a classic favorite, these Easter-themed candy corn gummies are the perfect springtime treat.

Cravings Popcorn Happy Easter Candy Corn

Jelly Bean Carrot Bags | Bursting with citrus flavor, these tangerine jelly beans are packaged in an adorable carrot-shaped bag. They're perfect for making “some bunny” smile on Easter.

Cravings Popcorn Jelly Bean Carrot Bags

Chocolate Bunny Berries | Oops...The Easter Bunny left a little something behind! Just kidding. These "Bunny Berries" are actually brownie bites!

Cravings Popcorn Chocolate Bunny Berries

Speckled Malt Eggs | For another classic candy favorite among chocolate malt lovers, you won't want to miss these colorful eggs that have a malt center and chocolate candy shell.

Cravings Popcorn Speckled Malt Eggs

Make Mom Smile 

Cool Mint Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn | If your mom likes mint chocolate chip ice cream, she'll love delicious dark chocolate drizzled on our refreshing Cool Mint Chocolate Drizzle popcorn.

Cravings Popcorn Cool Mint Chocolate Drizzle

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels | For a sweet and salty snack with a hearty crunch, try these premium pretzels bathed in buttery caramel and dark chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Cravings Popcorn Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels

Milk Chocolate Cherry Nut Mix | Roasted pecans, buttery cashews and crunchy almonds meet tart dried cherries covered with premium milk chocolate. What could be better?

Cravings Popcorn Milk Chocolate Cherry Nut Mix

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee Beans | Calling all coffee-loving moms! For another addictive treat, try these richly roasted coffee beans covered in dark cherry chocolate.

Cravings Popcorn Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee Beans

Raspberry Crunch Chocolate Bars | Bold flavor meets minimal processing with unrefined dark stone ground chocolate, a burst of raspberry essence and a puffed quinoa crunch. Yum!

Cravings Popcorn Raspberry Crunch Chocolate Bars

With so many great choices, which do you think your loved ones will like best? If you still can't decide, buying a variety is always a good idea, too. 

Happy Spring!