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  • June 20, 2018

    Caramel Popcorn Secrets


    Not all caramel popcorn is what you think it is or what you want it to be. Some companies are starting with a frozen pizza, adding toppings and calling it gourmet. Watch the video to find out what I am talking about.

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  • June 12, 2018

    Cravings Popcorn YouTube Vlog


    I finally did it, my first vlog of 2018. I am excited to share stories and insider geekery of the popcorn business. I hope you enjoy the show. Please comment below. I read every comment and may include your idea in an episode. 

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  • Top 5 Super Bowl Party Snack Foods
    January 23, 2017

    Top 5 Super Bowl Party Snack Foods

    Super Bowl Snack Foods

    The Super Bowl is a few weeks away. The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots will play for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Houston, Texas. The Super Bowl party is like a national holiday. Friends get together to eat snacks, appetizers and hors d'oeuvres. From pizza to wings to popcorn and everything in between, food is what we do while watching the game and commercials. Here are my top 5 Superbowl party snacks.

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  • Do It From Your Heart
    December 18, 2016

    Do It From Your Heart

    Cravings Popcorn YouTube

    I get asked over and over again, by people that want to get into the popcorn business, what they should do to be successful. My advice is usually technical. Machines to buy, marketing strategy and so on. But the one thing I can not test is their desire to be successful. Does the person have what it takes to make popcorn with passion.

    Check out my newest video. Tell me what you think. >

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