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Quick and Easy Flash Fundraisers

I know I can help more schools and groups fundraise by going to them. I will bring the popcorn to you. Your school will earn 50% of the sales. But you gotta bring the people to buy! 

Yes, I am hitting the road in search of elementary PTA and PTO groups. Booster clubs for sports teams and marching bands. If your group or team can rally the troops, I bet we can raise a few hundred bucks (maybe more).

I will load the van with fresh Cravings Gourmet Popcorn and bring it to a predetermined location to sell for a set period of time. All you have to do is be enthusiastic and promote, promote, promote to your friends and community.

So what do you say? Want to make this happen? 

Complete this form and we will contact you


I am Chad Jordan, creator of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn and My art is popcorn.

chad jordan happiness is popcorn

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