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Punk Taco | Old Town Lansing | Michigan

Lansing's Home of Tacos, BBQ, Burgers and Popcorn

Where else in Lansing can you get delicious bar-b-que, gourmet burgers, fresh mind-blowing tacos, and addicting gourmet popcorn? The answer is nowhere! Turner Street in Old Town is the place to be to satisfy your taste buds. 

Old Town already boasts some of the best eats in all of Lansing. Let's not forget how good Sir Pizza, Cosmos, and Pablo's are. Finding a drink and a few laughs with friends is no problem. But journey down to Turner Street and you will find four unique and delicious destinations.


Meat BBQ | Old Town Lansing | Michigan

By now everyone must know about Meat Southern BBQ. They appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives recently and are locally famous for serving delicious barbecue in large portions. Meat is not your average barbecue joint. If you are walking through Old Town at midnight or at four in the morning, you will smell the smoking brisket through the air. You can sit at the bar and watch the game while drinking local craft-brewed beer and chomping on a pulled pork sandwich.


 Punk Taco | Old Town Lansing | Michigan

Punk Taco is no joke. You can get tamales, nachos and of course tacos. These aren't Taco Bell tacos, if you're looking for those, you are the punk. These are tacos with serious game. The toppings are ridiculous. Why not try the Thai Spiced Beat tacos or Chili Mushroom tacos? Take your game up a notch with Blackened Salmon tacos or Ancho Shrimp just to name a few.

And don't sleep on the margaritas. Every margarita comes in a color changing cup that reminds you of your favorite Mexican vacation destination. Just remember to keep your shirt on!


Creole Burger Bar Old Town Lansing

A while ago we told you about this gem, don't sleep on it, you must go try it. The Creole Burger Bar is a burger bar with class. Deliciously aged beef hamburger patties, delicious toppings, and hand-cut fries. When you're sick of the average fast food burger and need something a little bit more than average, the Creole Burger Bar is the joint for you.


Cravings Gourmet Popcorn | Michigan's Best Popcorn | Lansing
Of course, Michigan's best gourmet popcorn is sandwiched right in between your favorite restaurants in Old Town. By far the most addicting popcorn you will ever eat. From Mackinac Island caramel to your classic cheddar caramel mix just like Chicago. You won't be disappointed by the popcorn. Cravings is highly rated by fans on Facebook, Google, and Yelp!

Be sure to visit Old Town Lansing for great eating, shopping, and arts.


I am Chad Jordan, creator of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn and My art is popcorn.

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Pat McFarland - January 7, 2023

Hey Chad! I check on you every so often, and am thrilled to see your growth. You’re amazing! Congrats for finding niches to keep feeding Lansing! 😊🍿

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