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2-3 Day Express Shipping - Alaska & Hawaii Slightly Longer
Doggy Social | Old Town Lansing | Cravings Popcorn

Old Town Doggy Social


Old Town Doggy Social | Lansing, MI | Cravings Gourmet Popcorn

Old Town businesses are hosting "Sunday Doggy Social" on May 20th in Old Town. It's a day to chill and relax with your favorite pooch. Grab the leash and walk around Old Town.

This is an all-day event for you to have fun socializing with friends and family. Who knows, maybe you will make some new friends!

Please note that not all businesses allow dogs into stores. Sometimes this is because of health code rules. 

This event is not hosted by any one business. We are welcoming you to our neighborhood to hang out.

*** This is an informal event designed for relaxing fun.

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