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It's my L

My favorite saying lately is this, "Sometimes you're the statue. Sometimes you're the pigeon." It's so true. There are days when you feel like a king or a queen. The world has erected a statue to honor you. Then, splat, a pigeon does the deed on your head.

Other days, you might be doing the splatting!

Life is all about perspective. I try not to look in the rear view mirror. The past is the past and sometimes it will eat you up. But we can not forget the lessons of the past. We are bound to repeat them if we forget them.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says and I fully believe in, my "L" is my "L." Nobody owns my "L." I am not worried what others think of my losses or failures. The key is to keep going forward.

Everybody has failures, losses and things that did not go as planned. When you are taking an "L", don't worry how others are thinking of you.

Be you. 

If I quit or worried about how others viewed me every time I failed to make a #1 selling flavor or had a store that didn't meet sales goals, my life would be miserable. I persevere regardless because I am passionate about what I do. Failure makes me stronger. I work harder when I have a flop.  Some of my greatest successes have come after failing.

Just keep going. The quest for perfect popcorn is in front of me.


I am Chad Jordan, creator of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn and My art is popcorn.

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