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How Old Is That Popcorn?

How Old Is That Popcorn?

Christmas is upon us. Gift giving season is here. A chance to show the people in our lives some appreciation. We usually do this with our words and our gifts. The things we say have a tremendous impact on relationships. The things we give also have a great impact on relationships.

So here is my question, why would you give a gift that is old, made in a factory and cheap?

Cheddar Caramel and Buttered Popcorn

Did you know the majority of store bought "popcorn" is at least three months old. Some of it was made last spring. Yes, I said last spring! Check out my Facebook video from the sale floor of a big box store.

Big box popcorn tins and gift sets are cheap. But you get what you pay for. Low quality ingredients equals poor flavor and sometimes stale. The biggest culprits are cheap oil and imitation vanilla. Plus, do you know what country the popcorn was popped in?

Is that a gift that says you care?

Buy fresh popcorn from a local company. We make our popcorn everyday. It is locally grown by people in your backyard.


Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located:

1220 Turner Street, Lansing MI and 109 S. Washington Sq, Lansing MI

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