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Duh I thought

I was reading this article about employee engagement. The title was Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks. Duh I thought. Free snacks ain't gonna fix anything.

But it did make me think. So much of company culture is about respect for each other towards a common goal. Getting to know a co-worker may not make her your friend, but you can at least have a level of person respect for her.

Creating community within a workplace should include food, snacks and time for social growth. Casual situations are often where you learn nuggets about people. Nuggets that create a common link.

So even though snacks aren't going to create your company culture, you should consider snacks as a way to bring people together. A simple bowl of popcorn can build relationships. A tradition like popcorn Friday can give your staff a way to celebrate accomplishments.


I am Chad Jordan, creator of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn and My art is popcorn.

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