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Welcome TikTok Live Viewers - Free Mystery Flavor with Popcorn Order
Welcome TikTok Live Viewers - Free Mystery Flavor with Popcorn Order
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Popcorn Christmas Gifts

Why are you still trying to figure out what you're going to send to those family members you only see once every ten years? Maybe you need a gift to pass at the office? Perhaps you own a business or are a salesperson that needs to say "thank you."

If any of these people are you, these are the top gifts you need to give. Also, you can check out our Christmas Gift Guide at Lots of ideas to choose from to create a perfect gift.

Candy Cane Christmas Popcorn

1. The Big Box Ultimate 11 Pack of Popcorn from $56.00

Eleven bags of delicious popcorn, freshly prepared and packed. A flavor for everyone! This is a no-brainer gift.

 2. Christmas Popcorn Gift Tower  from $24.95 (Supplies Limited Due to Extreme Popularity)

Four delicious gourmet popcorn flavors, freshly made with a classy hand made Christmas bow on top.

 3. Sweet and Cheesy 5 Pack from $26.00

Sweet? Cheesy? Yes and yes. Why choose one or the other. Both are awesome Christmas gifts.

One Gallon Mini Tin of Popcorn

 4. Coal from $12

Coal used to only be for naughty kids. Now nice kids can get coal popcorn in their stockings too. Black Cherry for "nice kids" and Black Licorice for "naughty kids." What could be better than this novelty popcorn treat.

 5. One Gallon Mini Tins  from $15

Don't let the name fool ya. A lot of popcorn in a cute popcorn tin. Super fresh and super delicious. Also refillable! 


Hey, hey, hey... Let us throw you one more EASY gift idea...

Gift cards that are sent electronically to anyone you choose. No fuss with the post office. Just buy and send! 


Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located:

1220 Turner Street, Lansing MI and 109 S. Washington Sq, Lansing MI

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