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Al Bundy or Tom Brady?

It’s usually the parents that ruin sports for kids.

Youth sports are supposed to be fun, educational and competitive. Kids learn so much about themselves. Parents should be there to support them through the wins and losses. It can be hard, the emotional toll of seeing your son or daughter compete with all their heart. They aren’t always going to win. But remember, it’s their game, their time, you had yours.

The best way to be supportive is to give positive advice. Be their number one cheerleader. Encourage them when they are down and celebrate when they succeed. Your son may not be the next Tom Brady today, but if you don’t support them and they quit, they will never know the true potential they had.

Make sure your athletes have the tools to grow and develop the skills they need for future success. Organizing fundraisers and participating with them to sell in order to get uniforms and equipment is positive. Selling for their needs teaches them how to be invested in their cause.  Who knows, your little athlete could be the next Al Bundy.


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