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New Mixes and New Soda Pop Deal

Theater Style MolassesWhat’s going on with the menu at Cravings?

New mixes.

You love Old Town Mix (White Cheddar Cheese + Original Caramel), but now there is Downtown Mix (Cheddar Cheese + Dark Molasses Caramel) and Okemos Mix (White Cheddar Cheese + Dark Molasses Caramel).

There are even more new mixes.

You love Theater Style Popcorn because of it’s buttery lightly salted flavor. Now you can create mixes that include Theater Style Popcorn with our traditional flavors. Just say “I want Theater Style Cheddar” and we will make a mix of Theater Style Popcorn and Cheddar Cheese. Try Theater Style White Cheddar, Theater Style Kettlecorn, Theater Style Caramel or Theater Style Molasses.

More soda pop!

New soda pop has been arriving weekly. There have been tons of requests for a soda pop frequency card. Let’s not bury the lead…

Buy a six pack and get a punch on your Crave Card. Earn free popcorn when you buy soda pop.

We hope you love the improvements. Give us some feedback.

Our Okemos store location is 1875 West Grand River in Okemos, Michigan. The original Cravings store is located in Old Town at 1220 Turner Street in Lansing. Downtown is located at 109 South Washington Square, just five doors from The Peanut Shop.

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Melissa - March 14, 2016

I absolutely love Old Town mix! I can’t wait to try the Downtown and Okemos mixes. Looking forward to also trying the Theater style white Cheddar mix as well. Happy to see all the new additions and flavor combinations! Soda pop selection looks very tempting too. Will be happily coming back for more.

Paul - December 30, 2015

Any plans to add butter toffee to the future mix? Also, my dogs asked if there were plans to make bone shaped cheddar popcorn treats.

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