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New Arrivals: Dang! We're not joking around

Dang! We're not joking around. New in stock is the delicious and refreshing Dang! Root Beer and Butterscotch Root Beer. Made in Wisconsin, these classic beverages have outstanding flavor. They go great playing cards or board games with friends or the kids. Other flavors include Italian Cherry Soda, Red Cream Soda, Diet Root Beer and Diet Butterscotch Root Beer. Try a six pack, you won't be disappointed. 

Visit our soda pop hub store in Okemos, Michigan. Our Okemos store location is 1875 West Grand River in Okemos, Michigan. The original Cravings store is located in Old Town at 1220 Turner Street in Lansing. Downtown is located at 109 South Washington Square, just five doors from The Peanut Shop.

Visit our awesome page. You'll be drooling soon

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