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Welcome TikTok Live Viewers - Free Mystery Flavor with Popcorn Order
Welcome TikTok Live Viewers - Free Mystery Flavor with Popcorn Order

How Popcorn Increases Productivity

3 way mix popcornIt doesn't matter if you run a small business with 10 employees or you’re the CEO of a huge organization with 1000’s of employees, when productivity dips it costs you money. states that 70% of employees in the United States are disengaged at work. Most workers are not producing up to their full potential. This lack of productivity costs businesses billions of dollars every year. Furthermore, poor company culture can cause a loss of profits, create unsafe workplaces and even cause businesses to close.

According to an article about “8 Simple Tactics to Improve Office Morale” by Jayson Demers (@jaysondemers), the symptoms of low morale aren't always obvious. Symptoms of poor morale in the workplace include high turnover, lack of communication and few personal conversations. 

Solutions to improving employee morale and productivity can be difficult to implement.  There is not a universal magic wand to wave to fix all problems. Some issues are deep and require huge changes. Other challenges may be solved with simple ‘tender loving care’, like hugging your employees (this is not for everyone though).

Most common solutions to improving morale and productivity include:

  1. Recognize accomplishments: No matter what size the victory, celebrate and recognize positive achievements. Some people love to be put on a pedestal when they do good.
  2. Mix work and fun: Give people a chance to let loose a little.
  3. Work life balance: Although it can be hard to kick people out of the office, it is important to let employees recharge their batteries.

Of course, people love food and people love to have a good time. I suggest starting a new office tradition called ‘Popcorn Friday’.

The idea is simple.

  1. Create an event that your team will rally around: a positive team meeting, company ritual or pep rally
  2. Recognize top performing teams or individuals: Positive reinforcement boosts productivity
  3. Share popcorn: Let every person eat the fruits of their labor. Set up a popcorn buffet and let the good times roll.

‘Popcorn Friday’ is an fun way to improve productivity. Imagine snacking on caramel popcorn, cheddar cheese or kettlecorn all while building camaraderie with workmates. Building relationships is the key to creating the most productive teams.

Besides, the only way to improve this idea better is to add an open bar. Now wouldn't that be fun at work?

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