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Don't Flip Out! 4 Tips To Prevent Graduation Embarrassment

Graduating from high school or college is a special time of year. It's a time of accomplishment, happiness and optimism. Millions of people around the world will walk across a stage to receive their diploma in recognition of their accomplishments. And while this is supposed to be a time of happiness, it's not always happy.

Here are some tips of what not to do when you make that walk across the stage.

Unless Your Degree Is In Dancing, Don't Dance

Unless your degree is in dancing, don't dance! You probably didn't wear the right shoes for dancing. You probably didn't practice dancing in a long robe and high heels. You're just asking for trouble. Save the dancing for later on in the evening when you go out and celebrate with your friends at the club. It's a long day of listening to people make speeches and hearing names of everyone in your class, so just get your diploma and walk across the stage a sit back in your seat. 

Don't Flip Out

Nerves, excitement and butterflies in your stomach are just some of the emotions you will feel on graduation day. You might feel like you have a burst of adrenaline pumping through your body, but just chill out. The confidence that you're feeling at this time, that you're about to conquer the world, are about to be dashed because you can only flip 270° instead of 360°. And as you fall flat on your face in front of hundreds or thousands of people you will wish that your fifteen minutes of fame didn't start now. 


Take Your Time Going Down The Stairs

You've been walking since you were two years old, and today on your special day, you want to look like you've been walking since you were two years old. So take your time when walking down the stairs. Sometimes your gown is too long or you're looking into the crowd for your family. Whatever the case is, there is no excuse for falling down the steps. So, hold onto your diploma. Stop and find your family. Wave to them. Then slowly look at the stairs as you walk down them. One step at a time will save you from a humiliating an embarrassing moment. 


Wear The Right Shoes

You wouldn't wear ice skates to go swimming. You wouldn't wear track shoes to go skiing. So if your ceremony is not on a traditional solid surface, you should adjust the size heel or type of shoe that you wear. You can still look fly with flats or a smaller heel. But if you wear the wrong shoes because you want to look pretty, you're asking for attention in the wrong way. Tripping and falling through your graduation ceremony will not be cool. Where the right shoes and a graduate in style. 


After you have your diploma in hand and you're ready to celebrate and party, look back on the hard work you've put in. Your late nights of studying, the exams and quizzes, the stress of making the grade and sacrifices. It will all be worth it. Take your time getting across the stage and don't humiliate yourself. There will be plenty of time in the future for you to work on your successes or bounce back from your humiliations. 

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