Big Bag Three Pack Mixes: Classics and Favorites

What: Choose flavors for a three pack of fresh gourmet popcorn or choose both groups

The Classics:
Chicago Style: Cheddar+Original Caramel
Three Way Yellow: Cheddar+Original Caramel+Buttery Theater
Forever Cheddar Caramel: White Cheddar+Cheddar+Original Caramel

The Favorites:
Old Town Mix: White Cheddar+Original Caramel
Three Way White: White Cheddar+Original Caramel+Buttery Theater
Forever Cheddar Cheddar: White Cheddar+Cheddar

How much:
Each bag is one gallon (16 cups volume). Each set includes three bags. Weight varies by flavor.

Shelf life: Because it’s made fresh, you can expect caramel flavors to last up to three weeks. Non caramel flavors stay fresh for up to ten days. Keeping popcorn sealed and away from high humidity and direct sunlight will help to keep your popcorn fresher.


Where is the popcorn made: Our store located at 1220 Turner Street in Lansing, Michigan. It is not a popcorn factory.

Questions?  Call customer service 888-210-0720

Price   $27.00