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Not Fantasy, RealityYou know you need it...
Chocolate! More and more chocolate!

Chocolate Fest is coming. February 4th through Valentine's Day. You don't want to miss any of our delicious, addicting flavors. It's not a fantasy, its real. And with 8 new flavors of delicious gourmet popcorn drizzled in chocolate, you are sure to walk away happy.

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Chad JordanFresh content created by Cravings creator, Chad Jordan, 2015

Chocolate Festival 2015

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn has a new event

Cravings Popcorn Chocolate Festival 2015

This event will feature the best and tastiest chocolate drizzled gourmet popcorn we've ever created. All of your favorite flavors in one location. Our flavors include salted dark chocolate caramel drizzle, toasted coconut caramel drizzle, strawberry cheesecake drizzle, creme de menthe drizzle, and royal raspberry drizzle just to name a few.

Just in time for Valentine's Day. Don't be the last one to get your favorite flavors. Starting February 4th through Valentine's Day. Cravings Gourmet Popcorn strives to be your favorite gourmet popcorn in the state of Michigan and beyond. Follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Fresh content created by Cravings creator, Chad Jordan, 2015
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Chocolate Strawberry Popcorn

There is no time like right now to order a Sweetest Day treat for someone you care about. Strawberry popcorn with Dark Chocolate Drizzle is delicious. Make a statement to someone you care about. Two sizes to choose from. Starting at $29 and free shipping when you order now.

Shopping is easy. Free shipping everyday and every order. Shop now to receive your fresh gourmet popcorn.

We are not a popcorn factory. We make popcorn everyday. Your popcorn is fresh and shipped fast.

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Sweet Popcorn Treat for Sweetest Day

Who thinks up holidays?  Many suggest that most come from some greeting card brain trust. But, as far as we are concerned at Cravings Gourmet Popcorn any reason to celebrate is a good one. Coming up this month on October 19th is Sweetest Day. This is a time to acknowledge someone in your life that fits that description.  The thinker uppers of this holiday had in mind two groups of individuals…those that are helpful and kind, and those that were often ministered to by the helpful and kind – the sick, aged or orphaned.

In honor of Sweetest Day we have reached into our recipe box for a very sweet combination that will warm your heart and delight your senses.  We call it Sweet Strawberry Chocolate Drizzle.  It starts with our finest popcorn in a variety that will hold up to the sweet chocolaty drizzle. The popcorn is flavored with strawberry and then our high quality dark chocolate drizzle tops it off.  Scientist say that both strawberry and chocolate are good for your heart. As if you needed any help feeling good about sharing such a delightful treat!

We have selected a great tin to package this treat. Once it is in the tin it is made ready to quickly ship to you and/or your sweetest along with our freshness guarantee.   Order now for an on time fresh delivery. We’ll make sure it gets there in time for Sweetest Day, or pick-up fresh in-store at Old Town.

While you are thinking about that someone in your life that needs to be acknowledged for their sweetness, visit the Cravings Facebook Page.  Look for the Sweetest Day post pinned to the top of the page and tell us who you are nominating and a quick story about their kindness in the comments.  Encourage your friends to visit and like your comment.  The nominee with the most individual likes will receive a special gift from Cravings Gourmet Popcorn.  

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is online at offering the highest quality popcorn available to ship anywhere in the continental US along with our freshness guarantee.  Local shoppers, you can buy any of the above items at our Old Town Store.

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Love, Love, Love Chocolate … on Popcorn

You can thank the ancient Mayans and Aztecs for our love of chocolate.  Cocoa beans were a common currency 2000 years ago. It is said that cocoa beans infused with water created frothy chocolate drinks for special occasions and as sacrifices to the gods. Increasing chocolate’s popularity and its association with love and romance is attributed to the Aztec ruler Montezuma who believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac and routinely drank it before entering his harem.  To this day scientists continue to debate the health benefits of chocolate and the effect of chocolate on emotions. But it is the Cadbury Brothers that we have to thank for creating the popular phenomenon of giving a gift of chocolate for the Valentine holiday.  In the late 1800’s the heart-shaped candy box was created by Richard Cadbury forever commercializing the holiday with the giving of sweets, especially chocolate.

Everybody loves chocolate!  Make sure that in February (before Valentines) you make a trip to our store in Old Town.  You can purchase unique chocolate and popcorn flavors for your sweetheart – or yourself. Beginning February 1st Cravings Gourmet Popcorn’s Chocolate Event features three new flavors: Cheesecake Drizzle, Melon Berry Drizzle, and Chocolate Cherry Drizzle.  For you long time chocolate and popcorn fans we continue to sell our Deluxe Drizzled Caramel (White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate) and Dark Drizzle (Dark Chocolate on Original Caramel corn).

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online and shipped to anywhere nationwide.

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