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Recently on a shopping trip to my local Kroger store, I spotted popcorn in the produce section.  This area is usually reserved for natural snacks like dried bananas and granola.  It's impressive for any small company to be on the shelves of a giant like Kroger.

I always like to check out what other popcorn companies are doing, it's hard to make better popcorn if you don't know what others are doing.  The brand is called Will Cole and they are based out of Oxford, Michigan.  This is what I observed:

1. Our popcorn is bigger and more tender.
2  We have tons more chocolate. Theirs looked like the chocolate was smeared on.
3. Their taste could not compare with our fresh sweet caramel, it has a slightly burned flavor.

Believe it or not, the above picture represents the exact same amount of popped kernels.  Ours on the left, Will Cole brand on the right. 

We've had opportunities to sell at bigger stores.  We always turn them down.  It's difficult to keep high standards when you're mass producing. 

We never sacrifice quality for profit.
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Sometimes we take for granted our favorite things. Some of the best things in life can be gone in a flash.  We always talk about doing the right thing, but sometimes doing the right thing can have bad consequences. Fort Worth Star-Telegram article about Dr. Pepper's impact on small town Texas.
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