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Bluesfest in Lansing – Always Something New

We love the blues as a music genre – there are so many classics to call out that the (number of acts) could easily fill every set with classic favorites.  However, the organizers of this music event make sure that our blues music appreciation includes something new.  As part of their contract every Bluesfest act must agree to bring an original work to the stage, one that has not been performed on any other festival stage to-date.  How cool is that?   

The Bluesfest 2012 is scheduled for September 21-22 on the streets of Old Town. This is just one of the Old Town events that bring thousands of new visitors to our doorstep every year.  We love seeing so many people out and about enjoying a good time in our neighborhood.

When you are in the area, make it a point to come in and visit for a minute.  Look for the giant popcorn box above our door – guarantee you can’t miss it!  If this is your first visit to Old Town, you are in for a treat.  This area is full of originals. 

This year in honor of Bluesfest, Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is featuring our Big Three Way Mix and two Mexican Coke for $9.00, a savings of fifty cents.  Visit our comments section and tell us your favorite blues song, we might just use it to name our special Bluesfest combo.

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan and is the favorite snack at all of the Old Town festivals. Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online and shipped to anywhere nationwide.

Popcorn for Dessert on this Special Day

On September 19 Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is celebrating a very special day. Did you know that National Butterscotch Pudding Day is September 19th?  It’s a simple holiday to remember because it is always celebrated on September 19, regardless of the day of the week on which it falls.  This year it is Wednesday – a perfect day to have a mid-week celebration. 

National Butterscotch Pudding Day does not have an official proclamation, and the traditions associated with this day are understandably limited.  If you check online the best you can find is a call to make and eat your own butterscotch pudding on this special day.  You won’t find any decorations or special cards to commemorate this event - it appears that the stores and retail associations did not get the memo about this wonderful holiday.

We thought that the word scotch in the name might refer to either Scottish origins or for the hard liquor of the same name – wrong on both counts.  One explanation for the word is its relationship to the meaning "to cut or score" for the word "scotch", as butterscotch candy must be cut into pieces, or "scotched", before hardening. It is also possible that the "scotch" part of its name was derived from the word "scorch". (Thank you Wiki!)

With ingredients like butter, sugar, and salt – how can you go wrong?  That combination has worked well for us at Cravings. One of our most popular sweet popcorn flavors is – you guessed it – butterscotch.  Come celebrate National Butterscotch Pudding Day with us! Let’s try tossing some popcorn on your pudding.

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan. We welcome visitors to our store and our website.  Enjoy our unique naturally seasoned flavors and vintage sodas, and when you can’t come in person know that we will ship your favorites to you anywhere nationwide.

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Popcorn Like No Other – Why Craving’s Popcorn is Better

There are lots of specialty popcorn companies scattered across the country, but   when you visit them, the flavors seem to be eerily the same. Why? They all seem to be buying the same shake-on seasonings off the shelf. 

Our popcorn and vintage soda store, Cravings Gourmet Popcorn, is different.  The difference begins with not settling for off-the-shelf shake-on seasonings. When we add a new flavor to our offerings the seasonings have been created in our kitchen from scratch - beginning with our favorite recipes.  If we are going for a barbecue flavored popcorn you can be darn sure that the recipe started out as a real barbecue sauce.  And that, my friends, is why our popcorn is better.  Seasonings made from real food inspiration, real secret recipes, and no preservatives. 

POPCORN TRUTH SQUAD! There is one, just one, flavor of popcorn on our shelf that is made with a seasoning manufactured outside our store. I didn’t want to do it, but it was the one flavor that I couldn’t seem to capture.  Bet you can’t guess which one it is? 

The best thing about making our gourmet flavored popcorn is our crew of local fans that will taste test until we’ve got it right.  And, until it’s right that flavor does not go into our permanent line-up.

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online and shipped to anywhere nationwide. 

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We strongly believe that having a choice of flavors is good for business – but too much choice is just that - too much.  That is why at Cravings Gourmet Popcorn we go through a careful, and sometimes lengthy, process to add a new flavor of popcorn. 

Apple Cider Cinnamon

Apple Cider Cinnamon Popcorn is made
with real local apple cider
It all starts with a flavor idea or inspiration and then we go to work in the kitchen to create a recipe to match the inspiration. Here is where our customers come in, especially those that are close by the store in Old Town Lansing.  Once we have a batch ready for sampling we put the word out to our fans via Facebook, describing the new flavor and offering samples.

The samples are free, but not really. What we want from our fan taste-testers is brutal honesty. Without your feedback we don’t know what you really think – or what you really want.  Until you are satisfied, and we are too – a new flavor of popcorn is not added to our stock. 

And, at the same time, while we are considering adding a new flavor, we take a hard look at sales volumes of all of our current flavors. Flavors that seem to be declining in popularity will be put on a watch list for “retirement.”  So, if you have a favorite flavor that you think you can’t live without – let us know. 

Here it is – your chance to tell us your favorite flavor.  Go ahead, don’t be shy.

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online and shipped to anywhere nationwide.


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How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? There are those of us that crammed in the last “honey-do” home improvement projects over this past Labor Day weekend.  Maybe because we recognized that our school year schedule is about to begin and that our schedules were about to become impossibly busy.  And then there were those that spent the weekend from sun-up to sun-down squeezing all the summertime fun available out of this precious 3-day weekend. 

2012 Dragon Boat Races in Lansing, Michigan
photo courtesy Trumpie Photography, Lansing, Michigan
What impressed us the most are the people that took this time to cap-off the summer with a major accomplishment. Think of all the bike riders that decided that this would be the year that the DALMAC (Lansing to Mackinaw Four Day Bike Ride) would be crossed off their bucket list. Were you among the thousands of people that seized the once-a-year opportunity to walk the length of the mighty Mackinaw Bridge? Or were you part of 13 teams of Dragon Boat racers on mid-Michigan’s Grand River that said yes to a new and unusual experience being wedged into a colorful wooden boat with 20 other people paddling like crazy together to win a race.

Working, playing, reaching for a goal, experiencing something new – we hope during all of this there was at least a moment to reflect on the value of work. We love our work – every day brings a new opportunity to celebrate. 

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan. We welcome visitors to our store or our website.  Enjoy our unique naturally seasoned flavors and vintage sodas, and when you can’t come in person know that we will ship your favorites to you anywhere nationwide. 

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Top 10 Classic Arcade Games of All Time

You can argue that the golden years of the video game arcade were during the 1980’s. A pocket full of quarters would bring hours of fun to fans of blinking lights and catchy computerized theme songs.  Although the classic arcade is nearly a dinosaur, you can still pick up a classic machine on sites like ebay and craigslist

Here is a list of the top 10 classic games according to (

1.   Pac-Man

2.   Galaga

3.   Donkey Kong

4.   Star Wars

5.   Ms. Pac-Man

6.   Dig Dug

7.   Asteroids

8.   Defender

9.   Tron

10. Tempest   (Tie) Centipede

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Back in 2011, Ann Craft from UZoom Media and Chad Jordan of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn have a little fun with Gravy flavored April Fools popcorn.
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It's funny to see yourself years later. Makes me laugh.
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They said it, we didn't. Sometimes it's hard to tell if some customer reviews online are real or hype. If there is one thing I do know, these reviews at are the real thing. Yelp is a trusted online source for reviews for the things we love to do.

Check out these real reviews by real customers...

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Check out and add a review for Cravings Popcorn, if you love us. Without your support, we would be just another popcorn shop.
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Recently on a shopping trip to my local Kroger store, I spotted popcorn in the produce section.  This area is usually reserved for natural snacks like dried bananas and granola.  It's impressive for any small company to be on the shelves of a giant like Kroger.

I always like to check out what other popcorn companies are doing, it's hard to make better popcorn if you don't know what others are doing.  The brand is called Will Cole and they are based out of Oxford, Michigan.  This is what I observed:

1. Our popcorn is bigger and more tender.
2  We have tons more chocolate. Theirs looked like the chocolate was smeared on.
3. Their taste could not compare with our fresh sweet caramel, it has a slightly burned flavor.

Believe it or not, the above picture represents the exact same amount of popped kernels.  Ours on the left, Will Cole brand on the right. 

We've had opportunities to sell at bigger stores.  We always turn them down.  It's difficult to keep high standards when you're mass producing. 

We never sacrifice quality for profit.
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Sometimes we take for granted our favorite things. Some of the best things in life can be gone in a flash.  We always talk about doing the right thing, but sometimes doing the right thing can have bad consequences. Fort Worth Star-Telegram article about Dr. Pepper's impact on small town Texas.
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Liquid Popcorn with Caramel Froth is a liquid popcorn treat.
Check out this tasty idea from the website
Soda Pop Bandit was caught in Columbia, South Carolina by K-9.  

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Apparently there is a Dr. Pepper museum in Waco, Texas.  Being the soda fan that I am, I am surprised that I did not know this fact.  

Dr. Pepper was invented in 1885 by Charles Alderton in of all places, a drug store.  Like Coca Cola, it was thought the beverage would have medicinal effects.  People just liked drinking it and it became wildly popular.  Kinda makes you wonder if folks in 1885 were chasing a high that never materialized?

Read more about this cool place. Then visit the museum website.
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We are a proud supporter of roller derby, especially the Lansing Derby Vixens.  Oh, you haven't heard of the Vixens?  Get a taste of the action these tough girls dish out.

Hold on to your popcorn!
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