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Choosing your favorite popcorn flavor can be a very difficult task when they are so many delicious flavors to choose from. Some people like sweet and some people like salty. No matter what you like, there something delicious for you. Here is a list of the top five gourmet popcorn flavors at cravings gourmet popcorn in Lansing, Michigan as selected by our fans.

#5 If there was ever a popcorn flavor that was polarizing, dill pickle is that flavor. People that love it crave its vinegary dill flavor. It’s surprisingly zesty taste is very addicting. Unlike many other flavors, dill pickle is not a flavor commonly mixed with other flavors. Dill pickle popcorn is delicious on its own.

#4 White Cheddar is popular on its own or mixed with a caramel popcorn. It's rich cheese flavor is unique and addicting. Because it is slightly salty, the flavor is made more intense by sweeter popcorn.

#3 Cheddar Cheese popcorn always makes your fingertips orange and cheesy. When eating it, you are constantly licking your fingers. Traditionally, it is a mixed with caramel popcorn to create what is called Chicago style popcorn.

#2 Original Caramel is our classic and most widely mixed caramel flavor. Made in small batches in our kitchen, the popularity of this flavor cannot the understated. Customers always buy original caramel to take to parties and to share with their friends. Of course mixing with cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese or movie theater popcorn only makes it better.

#1 Dark Molasses Caramel with Sea Salt is our newest and most popular caramel popcorn. The deep dark molasses paired with delicious sea salt takes you back to a time when you enjoyed getting a prize out of a box of caramel popcorn. The prize when you eat this flavor is the smile on your face and nostalgia in your mind. By far the most popular and most addicting flavor.

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