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Cravings Overflowing with Soda Pop

Cravings Overflowing with Soda Pop

You go to fridge hankering for something to quench your thirst or maybe even delight your taste buds but all you find is the dregs of a weeks old low pulp orange juice, or that fancy new fortified water that you bought in a flurry of fitness good intentions that tastes like…well, nothing.

Brace yourself for an explosion of good taste. There are new soft drinks coming this spring to Cravings Gourmet Popcorn – nearly 60 new soda pop flavors. With these new additions our inventory of soda pop varieties will exceed 200! We know you love our great popcorn flavors but don’t forget our soda store stock of classic soda pop flavors to go with.

Cravings is proud to be headlining one of our most popular brands, Leninade. It is sassy lemonade that sports a bright red color and a sense of humor. Every bottle has a slogan that mocks Soviet life and propaganda such as Get Hammered & Sickled, A Taste Worth Standing in Line For, and Drink Comrade! Drink! – imagine a bright red bottle of Leninade on your desktop when your work environment gets a little oppressive for your taste.

New to our list of classic soda pop brands is Hippo Size, a brand from San Antonio, Texas founded in 1926 with a distinctive big bottle with a hippo embossed on the uniquely shaped “big bottle.” Hippo Size bottles from that era are definitely a collector’s item but the legacy of good taste continues. We will be stocking six flavors from Hippo Size. They are Big Black Cherry, Jumbo Root Beer, Colossal Cream, Prodigious Peach, Hippo Huckleberry and Burley Birch Beer.

The classic soda pop is only available in our Old Town store, so plan a visit soon to buy soda - stock-up on your favorites and try something new!

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online and shipped to anywhere nationwide.

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Friday, April 12, 2013 12:31 AM
I have tried Prodigious Peach flavor and liked it a lot.Have you come up with some new flavor i would like to try that too.

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