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Create New Year’s Eve Family Tradition

Create New Year’s Eve Family Tradition

Make your New Year celebration meaningful and full of fun. Here are a few ideas for new family traditions for the New Year.

Ultimate Family Game Night – Invite more extended family or close family friends to make this event more exciting. Set up different gaming stations throughout your home with a variety of game favorites. Tap the organizer in your family to structure a way to create teams and competition that will keep the game night moving to a fun ending with some silly prizes.  Supply liberal amounts of Cravings Popcorn.

Create a New Year’s Light Ceremony - Make your New Year’s Eve family celebration a chance to reflect, resolve and renew.  Plan an event with Candles, Pomp and Circumstance, and Compliments. Use the candles to burn slips of paper with old habits or bad events you want to let go. Create a candle lighting ceremony to shine a light on each of your New Year’s Resolutions.  Close the ceremony with written compliments to yourself and to each of your family members – Read aloud or share privately.  End the evening with hugs all around.

Write Letters to your 2013 New You - Create a special New Year’s gift of stationery and writing utensils to share with your family members at a special dinner. Over dinner present the gifts and decide what the format of the letter will be, depending on the ages of your family members modify the structure. For example, help everyone imagine how they will feel about certain accomplishments or milestones that may occur in 2013 and ask them to write a letter of congratulations to themselves.  Finish the evening by sealing, addressing and stamping the envelopes. Then pencil a receive date on the back of the envelope. Give to a trusted friend to post at the appropriate time.  

Plan a Movie Marathon – Pick a theme for the types of movies to be part of your New Year’s Movie Marathon. Create a poster with the movie name and times that will accommodate the number of movies you wish to include in the marathon. End your marathon with a family dinner and movie discussion on New Year’s Day.  Look for common themes, compare and contrast the movie messages, opportunities for alternative endings, and a guaranteed lively discussion.   Don’t forget the Cravings Popcorn!

Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

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