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Go Green This Year with a Real Michigan Christmas

Go Green This Year with a Real Michigan Christmas

There is a long-standing national Christmas tree debate about real trees vs. fake trees.  Now, there are strong arguments on both sides which we will not re-hash here.  But at Cravings Gourmet Popcorn our bias is for real, Michigan-grown, Christmas trees.  Why? Because it is good business for the State of Michigan and good business here is good for all of us.

Our state is ranked number three in the nation at the harvesting of Christmas trees and the industry is a great contributor to our agricultural and agri-tourism economy.  Representatives of the Michigan Christmas tree industry report there have been disturbing declines in real Christmas tree sales over the past few years.  We are not sure if this is a sign of a wavering economy or a trend towards convenience.  Keep this in mind, our Michigan Christmas tree farmers plant three million trees every year, providing a real renewable commodity.

Learn more about a new campaign called Real Michigan Christmas and join us in supporting our fellow local business owners by buying a real Michigan Christmas tree. 

Once you get your tree home consider some other ways to go green this Christmas by visiting this site for some ideas on edible handmade ornaments suitable for kids and pets, or this one on making and decorating an eco-friendly, animal friendly tree outside. Popcorn is involved.

What’s your choice this year? Real or Fake?

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online and shipped to anywhere nationwide.

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