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Avoid Bulky Gifts and Gift Wrapping Pain – Buy a Cravings Gift Card

Avoid Bulky Gifts and Gift Wrapping Pain – Buy a Cravings Gift Card

Are you going to a holiday gathering and need a gift?  Make it easy on yourself and go with your gift neatly tucked in your pocket or purse.  (Guys we promise not to make any jokes about your man-purse).  In our humble opinion one of the best gift cards is a Cravings Gourmet Popcorn gift card. 

Our gift cards are budget friendly; you can load any amount on to the card and it has no expiration date. The card can also be reloaded, which is good for us and good for the recipient of the card, as we are convinced that continued  purchases of Cravings Popcorn is a real possibility.  Once somebody experiences our incredible flavors they will want to come back again and again

Consider this equation:  buy gift card = safe gift.  Cravings’ Popcorn gift card is the perfectly safe choice for teacher gifts, co-workers, friends and relatives.  It is a popular choice, easy to share and guaranteed to come free of any hidden expectations or innuendo. 

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn, located in Old Town Lansing and online at, is your go-to holiday gift giving location.  

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