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Five M’s for Healthier Holiday Feasting

Five M’s for Healthier Holiday Feasting

Let’s get this straight – major holiday eating events can create a slippery slope of high fat, super rich, artery clogging foods that while they taste great would be much, much better for you in moderation.  Here’s how to eat healthy this holiday season, compliments of your friends here at Cravings Gourmet Popcorn. 

Change your Mindset. The holidays are about family and friends not food, drinks and snacks. What activities could you replace that would improve the quality of your people interactions and downplay your food interactions?

Modify recipes. There are so many great resources for transforming and slimming down your classic holiday recipes into new healthy favorites. Try Cooking Light magazine for transforming holiday recipes for for healthy eating ideas.

Manage portions.  Holiday Cooks should try preparing just enough for the number of guests, forego the cooking for lots of leftovers mentality. Try editing the menu – no one will complain if there are two or three side dishes missing from the table. When it comes to filling your own plate dial back the portion sizes and savor every bite. Seconds?  Fuhgedaboudit!

Make your holiday meal one of three. Consider your normal daily calorie intake and divide it among the three meals, adjust the calories downward for the non-holiday meals but DO NOT skip the meals or starve yourself for the big holiday event.

Move it! After a wonderful meal with family and friends, plan on getting some light exercise together; take a nice walk instead of a retreating to the sofa for a turkey-induced nap; or have some fun, play a game with the kids – it will be good for you and the kids. 

So remember the five M’s: Mindset; Modify; Manage; Make; and Move, for a better, healthier holiday season.

Happy Holidays! 

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