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Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts – Four Interesting Points of View

Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts – Four Interesting Points of View

Turkey is the Star of the Day

For the uninitiated here are some wise words about the main event – the turkey.  Take it from us…plan ahead if you are going to purchase a frozen turkey. It may take two or more days to safely thaw a turkey in your refrigerator. Be forewarned, there is a gooey, gross bag of turkey innards and neck that is usually hidden in a cavity of the turkey –this SHOULD NOT remain in the turkey while cooking. Finally, the thermometer that you buy to test the temperature of the turkey DOES NOT stay in the turkey while cooking, if you do, be prepared to throw away a turkey covered with glass shards and mercury!

Newlyweds Avoiding Family Conflict

If this is your first Thanksgiving as a newlywed couple the Huffington Post and blogger Xochitl Gonzales have some great advice to navigate the day successfully. 

DO call your Momma, and your Momma-in-law for a recipe. Every family has "classic family dishes" for Thanksgiving (or any holiday). Don't be afraid to ask for help and information on how to make the favorite dish of each of your families.

DON'T turn this into a Top Chef episode. Try your very best to not "deconstruct" anything, reinterpret anything or re-invent anything. Just do a good job cooking the classics and you will be able to do the unthinkable: please everyone.

Cheeky Mom Weighs In

Michigan blogger Colleen Stout contributed this blog to a site called Mom Spark and provides a tongue-in-cheek approach to Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts, including the following advice:

DO sit at the kid’s table. They’re loud, they’re rowdy, and they don’t eat their sweet potatoes.

DON’T load up your plate with Cousin Ann’s “secret recipe” until you’ve tried it. If it’s bad you’ll spend all afternoon politely choking it down.

 Pets At Thanksgiving

Confess! Sometimes you feed your pet people food. If you can’t resist the urge to share your Thanksgiving bounty Paw Curious has some good ideas on what to share and what not to share.    Visit this blog to see a list of safe foods to share and foods to avoid.

DO plan on setting aside some food before it is embellished with high fat items like butter and cheese.

DON’T share turkey skin. Most pets on commercial diets just aren’t accustomed to sudden high levels of fat. Feeding your pet turkey skin can lead to the pancreas overreacting and the very painful, dangerous condition known as pancreatitis.

Whatever your plans are for Thanksgiving, we at Cravings Gourmet Popcorn want to wish you a safe, healthy and happy holiday.  We are so grateful to count you among our friends and supporters. 

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