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Avoid a Halloween Epic Fail Costume

Avoid a Halloween Epic Fail Costume

If you have an invitation to a Halloween party or you are just thinking about creative costumes for Halloween, here is some great advice regardless of age. 

1.       Avoid awkward construction. If you have to apologize every time you take a step in the costume, you are in for a miserable night. If you can’t see where you are going, used a whole role of duct tape or tin foil, and/or loads of cardboard, chances are your costume has crossed the line into “awkwardville.”

2.       Don’t do costumes that are grossly inappropriate. Here’s a clue - kids/babies dressed as terrorists, or infamous characters such as Hitler or Osama Bin Laden – a big NO.  

3.       If you can’t pull off sexy any day of the week, don’t do sexy.  For most, sexy at Halloween means less costume, and in our opinion, less is less.

4.       Just say no to stereotype put-downs.  If you suit up in a stereotypical slam that offends any number of people, you will end the day feeling dirtier than you have ever felt before. FAIL – you just sucked the joy out of a perfectly wonderful holiday.

Looking for appropriate themes for your Halloween costume? Here are some idea starters for inspiration:  

1.       Things you love. Try food or drink. Years ago six friends dressed up as a six pack of Heineken in green clothes and hats that were fashioned to duplicate the neck and cap of the bottle.

2.       Famous people you admire. Little kid dressed as Justin Beiber, ohhh so cute!  Dressing as senior citizen Justin Bieber, hilarious!

3.       Political topics over political figures. If you can find a way to create a smart lampoon of a topic, rather than a public figure, you are going to be on higher ground.  A couple could dress appropriately for the label 1% and 99% to poke at the Occupy Movement.

4.       Look to current icons that are in the news. What would you do with I Phone 5? Or, the Facebook IPO? We’re picturing hoards of kids in tattered hoodies, shower sandals and tube socks.

At Cravings Gourmet Popcorn we wish you a safe and fun Halloween. Share your costume pictures or confess your past epic Halloween costume fail. 

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online and shipped to anywhere nationwide.

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