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Friday Night is Family Football Night

Friday Night is Family Football Night

In the fall in small towns and neighborhoods across the country, attention still turns to the local high school football field.  These young men on the gridiron hold the hopes and dreams of a new generation of heroes and capture the imagination of an entire community.  Family and friends gather to watch and cheer and stomp as the young men in their prime test their skills and stamina on a game in four quarters. 

But even more is going on there.  Parents volunteer to work in the concession stand or assist in the parking lot or the ticket booth, or they just serve as chaperone to a herd of younger kids flexing their social muscles as they crawl all over, around and under the stands. The school marching band performs their best to a steady drumbeat of excitement. The cheerleading and pep squads show-off their well-rehearsed routines and occasionally break into pure unrehearsed infectious enthusiasm for their home team.  Grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles arrive in their sensibly warm clothes and team colors to take it all in with a show of support for their families. 

In the two hours that make up this Friday night, the part we like the best is families having fun, no computers, no electronic games, just good family fun.  That’s the team we are rooting for … give me an F…A…M…I….L…Y!  Gooooo Family!

Who’s your team? 

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