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The Real Smell of Fall

The Real Smell of Fall

Smell that?  It is the smell of caramel apples, and to us at Cravings Gourmet Popcorn that is the quintessential smell of fall. It goes right along with the smell of leaves burning and a hint of cedar – no doubt from your sweater that you had packed away for the summer.

When caramel apple season arrives you can be sure that at least once or twice this season a package of three caramel apples will find its way into our grocery bag or be added to the order at the convenience store quick stop. 

Our favorite caramel apple starts with a crisp, tangy apple like a McIntosh or a Granny Smith. Smother it in a smooth bright, not too thick caramel, roll in some salty peanut bits and speared with a sturdy wooden stick that holds the last lick of caramel and apple to savor as a final taste.  Be honest, you suck the caramel and apple juice out that little wooden spear like it is marrow from a bone.

Making your own caramel apples is really not too hard and can be just the idea for a fun evening activity that gets the whole family involved.  Here is a simple recipe  for making your own caramel. Yeah, you could melt the prepackaged caramel candies – but that would be… just wrong.   Don’t forget the wax paper, sticks, and of course, apples (nuts optional). 

If you haven’t tasted it lately you should know that our caramel-flavored popcorn is a favorite at Cravings, stop in for your next treat. 

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan. We welcome visitors to our store and our website.  Enjoy our unique naturally seasoned flavors and vintage sodas, and when you can’t come in person know that we will ship your favorites to you anywhere nationwide.


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