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How to Crash a Tailgate Party

How to Crash a Tailgate Party

As the final blog post in this series of party ideas, here is the ultimate party idea:  Forget about planning, take this advice on How to Crash a Tailgate Party – no planning required.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn  makes no guarantees or promises that you won’t get thrown out for crashing a party. 

Examine your motivation.  If you are thinking to crash a party for a free meal or drinks you are going to have less success than if you are crashing to find some kindred souls that care about the team, the sports, and the tradition of tailgating. 

Be prepared to do a little six degrees of separation conversation, in other words: find some common ground fast.  Everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that knows you. 

Size up the tailgate landscape; if everyone is huddled in close with their backs to the common walkway; chances are you are going to have a tough time breaking in or through this group.  Better to make your approach to a group that seems literally and figuratively open.

Plan some entertaining opening ice-breaker comments.  Know that if you can appear to effortlessly contribute to the conversation and raise the level of fun just a bit, you will more than likely be warmly welcomed.

Note the level of food preparation, if it is obviously significant, chances are the host tailgaters may have a problem sharing, unless of course, you break out your Foodie persona and demonstrate you interest and skill in food preparation.

Come at the tail end of the tailgating.  Chances are people will be more willing to share than to figure out what to do with leftovers. 

Come dressed for the part, wear the colors of the hometown team and you will have 1000s of new best friends, and by all means DO NOT show up empty-handed.  Bring something popular like…Cravings Popcorn!

Remember where you are and who you are talking to, because if you are successful at crashing, you may be invited back for the next big game.

If you are brave enough to do this party idea, be sure to let us know how it went.

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