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A New Take on a Retirement Party

A New Take on a Retirement Party

As we continue to explore any idea for a party, Cravings Gourmet Popcorn reflects on those individuals that have given decades of service to one employer.

Employment trends tell us that fewer and fewer workers will be retiring from a job or career that they have held and nurtured for decades.  Times have changed considerably (for better or worse is yet to be determined) and we know that there will be fewer people of a certain age that will be retiring from  service to the same company with 30+ or even 20+ years.  For those that are, this is cause for celebration.  Time for a Retirement Party!

If you are planning a retirement party for someone you care about, here are our top 5 ideas for a retirement party to make it a success and very special event for the guest of honor:

1.   Find and invite former co-workers.  Having people that knew your honoree way back when will enhance the value of the conversations and remembrances.They may also remember some things your honoree might choose to forget.

2.   Choose a place for the party that offers plenty of room for mingling and sharing conversations.  Music is nice but it should not be the star of the show. Many restaurants have private party rooms, be sure to ask about table set-up and room capacity.  (Not Too Big and Not Too Small is the name of the game here).  In Old Town consider our neighborhood party planning place, the Old Town Marquee; the space is flexible enough to accommodate most sized groups.

3.   Make sure the menu reflects the likes, tastes and interests of the guest of honor. If their hobby is craft beer brewing, be sure to serve some craft beers; if they have a sweet tooth check in with Aggie Mae’s Bakery for something special. 

4.   Choose someone to be the party host.  A well planned party will seem like it is not planned at all. But the party will do well under the firm guidance of a party host that knows when to call for the food to be served, the next round of toasts, or for the music to be turned up or down. Your guest of honor should be able to forget all about those responsibilities.

5.   Since you have worked so hard to gather so many friends and associates consider including time and space for people to record some video or retirement quotes of remembrance and encouragement. We may not know just how important a role we played in a co-worker’s life if there is no effort to capture that information.  Paul Schmidt of Uno Deuce Media suggests having a few starter questions to choose from for the interviewee to answer.  Once you have all of the raw video taped messages, consider having guests toss in some dollars to have the tape professionally edited to a length which would be an affordable and share-able keepsake production. 

There you have it, our best retirement wishes for a successful Retirement Party …oh yeah, don’t forget the Cravings popcorn!

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn is located in Old Town Lansing, the hippest area of Lansing, Michigan.  Cravings Gourmet Popcorn can be purchased online at and shipped to anywhere nationwide and for gifting virtually to Lansing area residents via


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