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Squeeze the Most out of Summer - End of Summer Celebration

Squeeze the Most out of Summer - End of Summer Celebration

This month at Cravings we are talking parties, all sorts of ideas for interesting parties.  As the summer winds down and before we turn our thoughts to fall and back to school, this party is right for kids of all ages. It is time to get goofy with some sponges and buckets of water.

This party involves lots of buckets, water and big sponges, large rolls of plastic, a garden hose, and stacks of dry towels. There are no rules, no age limits and no end to the fun for these water games…especially if it is a hot and sticky “dog-day of summer.” 

What would you do with buckets and water?   How about a modern bucket brigade that delivers plenty of water to a parched garden of an unsuspecting, yet forgiving, neighbor?  How about a little bucket race to see who can fill up a bigger container first…no running, just speed-walking!

What’s the plan for sponges?  How about a sponge toss like an old fashioned egg toss? This could be great for the beginning of the party when people are still in dry clothes.  Contestants pair up and form two lines with partners facing each other.  Make sure there are buckets of water strategically located and begin the tossing of water-filled sponges back and forth. If you fail to catch the sponge, your team is out. Take a big step backward with each toss making it harder and harder to toss and catch.  Winners are the farthest apart and the driest.

What to Do with the Plastic Roll?

Combine the roll of plastic, the hose and maybe a nice gentle sloping yard – you guessed it; you just made your own water slide! 

These ideas are just a drop in the bucket, we are sure you can think of even more fun ideas…like maybe a game of Twister with  a sprinkler in the mix.  Just remember to be safe while you are having all this water soaked fun.  Word to the wise, if you are planning to have Craving’s Popcorn snacks for this party (and we hope you do)…wait until the water is off and the towels have been used before you breakout the popcorn because nobody likes soggy popcorn!

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