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Euchre Party with a Twist

Euchre Party with a Twist

This month at Cravings we are talking parties, all sorts of ideas for interesting parties. If you are a card player this idea is for you even if you don’t yet know how to play Euchre.

Euchre is an easy going, easy to learn card game for four people in teams of two.  While it is easy to pick-up there are nuances to strategy for the game that make it fun and competitive.   We are suggesting a tournament of 4 to 5 tables.  In a traditional tournament the winning pairs continue to advance in brackets to the end of the evening and a big pay-off.   However, instead of continuing to reward the winning pair to advance, find a way to throw an unexpected twist into the night by planning some surprise split-ups where the winning pair is split and are matched up with one of the losing players.

Even though there is strategy to winning at Euchre, a less than seasoned player can be dealt interesting winning hands or unmindfully play a gutsy move.   The evening is sure to be a fun mixer so encourage non-Euchre plays or novices to come along for the fun, food and prizes.  To make it easier you can share this link on the basics of playing euchre.

You can make your own chart or order a Tournament Euchre score chart online at You will need several things to set up a euchre tournament: Euchre playing cards (one deck per table), large piece of paper or you can order a tournament Euchre Chart at the above website, the number of players should be divisible by 4 since each table has 4 players. You can have each guest bring an appetizer or dessert to share and their own beverage. Check out Cravings Gourmet Popcorn for unique popcorn flavors and classic or obscure sodas.

You can spice it up at your Euchre Party with a Twist by adding money for the winner’s pot or just play for fun bragging rights or crazy white elephant prizes.

Looking for a reason to party, try a Euchre Tournament Party. Looking for great party snacks; look no further than Cravings Gourmet Popcorn.

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